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OSAS Auction Results

The Ontario Standardbred Adoption Society's annual stallion auction has concluded for 2019. The successful bidders and the final bids are listed below.

When the deadline was reached there was a tie in the bidding for both State Treasurer and Dali. OSAS sincerely thanks Seelster Farms who graciously donated a second State Treasurer breeding and Colin (Ace) Densley-Burrows (aka the sexy horse owner), the owner of Dali, who also stepped up with an additional breeding. Your generosity and commitment to OSAS is much appreciated. We sincerely thank everyone who contributed to the success of this year's auction.

Dali ~ Kyle Reibeling & George Jarrell ($1,900)
State Treasurer ~ Shaun Baines & Mauricia & Ezra Miller ($3,600)
Big Jim ~ Shaun Baines ($3,200)
Sunshine Beach ~ Lynn Magee ($3,800)
Thinking Out Loud ~ Riley Racing ($2,900)
Royal Mattjesty ~ Trevor Williams ($1,600)
Prestidigitator ~ Dave Williamson ($1,000)
All Bets Off ~ Kim Mark ($4,700)
Angus Hall ~ Adrianne Alexander ($1,200)
Wheelin N Dealin ~ Joanne Sloan ($1,500)
Lookslikeachpndale ~ Joanne Sloan ($3,300)
Sportswriter ~ Jeff Moore ($5,300)
Betterthancheddar ~ Kevin Bodz ($3,300)

50/50 Winner From London Banquet

OSAS congratulates Kelley McNiveny the winner of the 50/50 draw at the Western Fair awards banquet

OSAS Stallion Auction Underway

The Ontario Standardbred Adoption Society's annual online stallion auction began at noon Monday, February 18. It will close at 3 p.m. on February 22

Kelly Spencer Joins OSAS Board

Kelly Spencer, long admired as one of the most innovative promoters of harness racing in this country, is the newest member of the Ontario Standardbred Adoption Society's Board

OSAS Stallion Auction Starts February 18

The Ontario Standardbred Adoption Society will host their 2019 online stallion auction starting at noon on February 18


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