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Name Sex Status
Abilene Hanover G Available
Armbro Daring G Adopted
Bay Babe M Adopted
Bay Point Park g Adopted
Boxcar Millie M Adopted
Bryant G Adopted
Bulwinkle Anderson G Adopted
Equity g Adopted
Fabs Fable M Adopted
Fabulous Flirty m Adopted
Fitzmichael G Adopted
Fleet Sensation g Adopted
Houpette Angus M Available
Jiffyson G Adopted
Midnight Assassin G Pending
OK Chaos g Adopted
P L Heavenly g Adopted
President Syleberun G Adopted
Punkysyouruncle - 'Max' G Adopted
Radio City g Adopted
Reven Up G Adopted
Royal Tantrum M Adopted
Rustle The Herd G Adopted
Santo Domingo g Available
Slave Dream (Sulley) g Adopted
Steam Machine f Adopted
Stunner g Adopted
Touchwood Belle M Adopted
Touchwood Oscar G Adopted
Twin B Excalibur g Adopted
Twin Dragon Patrol M Adopted
Tymal Patriot g Adopted
Victhechick (Vicky) m Adopted
Windsong Geant g Adopted
Your Indigo M Available



Thank you for your interest in adopting a Standardbred!
This is how our adoption process works:

1. We need you to fill out the Adoption Application and Waiver form found here. We need to have your application on file at the office before we send you out to see our horses. Please fill it out as best as you can.

2. We need to do a Site Inspection. A representative from OSAS will come out to inspect the property where the horse will be staying. Every time the horse moves to another location, we require that a site inspection be done. Guidelines for site inspections can be viewed here.

3. Once your application has been received in the office, and approved, a representative will contact you and will forward you information about the horses in foster care. References will also be checked.

4. You can go out and meet our horses in Foster Care. Remember to be courteous to our Foster Parents as they are being generous to volunteer their own time to help expose the horses in their care to prospective adoptive families. Please remember if you are riding the horses to wear an approved riding helmet. A waiver must be signed before you ride.

If you decide to adopt one of our Standardbreds:

1. We need to have a Placement Agreement signed and sent back to the office either by fax or mail.
2. Shipping is the responsibility of the new adoptive family.
3. A guardian will be assigned to your horse and will follow up with you within six months of the horse being adopted. Their duty is to make sure the horse is in good condition and that the home is still suitable. They are available to answer any questions you may have.